How To Get a Job in Sales with No Experience

Job hunting can be a battleground. One wrong move and your opportunity for a handsome job can lead to defeat. Part 1 of our sales training series will teach you how to get a sales job. A sales career is highly attractive for many candidates because of the rapid growth along with high earning potential. It is possible to pursue a career in sales even if you don’t have any prior experience in sales. It is very important to go through some very important tips if you want to start your career in sales to stand out from the crowd.

In this latest article, we have discussed how to get a sales job without experience, master tips for cracking a sales job when you don’t have any sales experience, and a stepwise guide to master sales and crack sales interviews successfully.

How To Get a Sales Job with No Experience?

Don’t worry! It’s not necessary to have formal sales experience if you want to start a career in sales. Recruiters who are hiring for sales jobs do understand that some candidates start as fresher but they do have the potential to rock in sales. Getting into business development or sales can be a thriving career move. The average sales job salaries start from 3 LPA – 5 LPA for freshers and 5 LPA – 15 LPA for experienced. After having a good experience in sales you can earn up to 100+ LPA.

Following are the fundamental strategies that will help you in the journey of finding a sales job with or without prior sales experience.

Focus on selling your skills to the recruiters

When you are giving your sales interview, first consider the interview as if it is a sales call. Mold and prepare yourself in the same way you would have a sales call. Remember, if you can sell your skills to recruiters, you can close the deal by getting an offer letter. Hiring managers or recruiters hire your skills, not you. Before appearing for an interview, do proper research about the hiring company such as company products/services, competitors, founders, and the company’s online reputation.

 Show that your skills are relevant and transferable

In addition, evaluate the job description properly and analyze the requirements of the company, prepare your conversation accordingly and present yourself as a suitable candidate who can fulfill most of their requirements for that particular position. Rather than saying fresher, you can highlight your past experiences such as internship, volunteering, or any other professional experience, and emphasize the skills that you have developed from your previous experience.

You can highlight these 5C’s if you are applying for a sales job-

  • Communication
  • Contents delivery
  • Convincing
  • Confident
  • Consistent

A good storyteller can be a good sales rockstar

If you are a good storyteller, you can win the conversation. While answering a few questions start it with a success story of you where you were an exceptional performer. This will let the interviewer know about your sales success consideration. For a basic idea, you can discuss below events-

 i) A situation where you won the client’s trust

 ii) A moment where you dealt with a complicated situation in your real life

iii) Any new people facing experience in a professional meeting

iv)The moment where you were the support for the success of someone else.

Demonstrate that you can handle the rejections and objections of clients

During the interview, the recruiter will dig into the depth to analyze your rejection and objection-handling skills. Be prepared for it before discussing your rejection and objection-handling skills. You can illustrate with some stories where you handled people’s rejection without losing hope. Let them know that if one door will be closed, you will move to another door with a smiling face and a positive attitude. Answer every cross question of interviewers calmly and logically to show your objection-handling skills.

Accept the entry-level role

Initially, you might have to start from the bottom but always remember counting starts from zero but never end at zero. Accept the entry-level role and learn all sales tools and techniques, and apply them to become a sales rockstar. It will boost your confidence and never let you down, the sky is the limit!

Fundamental Steps to Get a Sales Job with No Experience

Personalize your Resume

Generic resumes do not work at all. If you are not personalizing your resume, it will get rejected in the screening round either by HR or ATS (Applicant Tracking Software). You need to use proper keywords related to the job you are applying for. Your resume should be very impressive and impactful. 

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Let’s understand this with an interesting example. You never call a stationary shopkeeper if you are looking for a T-Shirt. In the same way, an HR recruiter never calls for those sales job applications whose LinkedIn profile is not optimized for sales roles. Your online presence must be optimized according to your areas of interest.

Train yourself for a sales interview

If you are not experienced and looking for a sales job, it will be quite a difficult and time taking process for you to learn all hacks for cracking sales interviews. As well as if you crack the interview anyhow, surviving in the sales job will be quite difficult for you. Most of the candidates quit sales by saying it’s not their cup of tea. The reason for failure in shaping a successful sales career for freshers is not having in-depth knowledge about sales. Train yourself for sales interviews and strategies to build a successful career in sales.

For your reference, you can get free mentorship from TheOmniJobs – Kickstart Your Career Now

Apply with or without reference

Now, is the right time to apply with your personalized resume for the sales job that you can find over LinkedIn suggestions after proper profile optimization. As you are trained for the interview, you will be able to make a good impression on the HR recruiter to get your sales job. Always remember, before applying read the job description carefully.

Keep a proper follow-up of your application

Once you submit your application, kindly be patient and take a proper follow-up patiently until you get the response to your application submission.

If you are not getting a response from recruiters, once get your profile is reviewed by an expert. You can refer to the Career Success Experts of The Omnijobs who have already helped 5000+ candidates with resume personalization, LinkedIn profile optimization, and 1-1 intense training for sales jobs.

We hope this article has given you some actionable takeaways on how to get a sales job!

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